Blindly trust us for availing most impeccable quality pharmaceutical products such Injections, Tablets, Capsules, Creams, Anti Fungal Medicine, Antibiotic Syrup and a lot more.
About Us

Eminently catering a wide range of pharmaceutical products to suffice the remedial needs, Aeon Remedies, is the most trustworthy name of medical industry of the nation. We are a manufacturer, which has never let down any of its customers whenever it comes to winning and retaining the trust. Pantaprazole Injections, Diclofenac Diethyamine Linceed Oil and Deflezacort Cefixime Tablet are some of the products which we add to the list of our offerings. For a company like us, it is essential to work in a genuine manner. Understanding that we cater Pharmaceutical Tablets, Capsules and many such compositions which are consumed to treat ones health, we promise that our works will be executed with utmost sincerity, be it the procurement of ingredients or the delivery of medicines. Each wing of our facility works under strict adherence to the norms of quality, which we have adopted from some of the most reputed authorities. Also, we work as a service provider and offer our pharma franchise on the products we offer.

The Team

Each member of our company, be it of any department, always ensures that his/her  work is executed in a perfect manner. They know the importance of their respective job roles and well understands their responsibilities. It is this sincerity of our employees which helps us in staying true to the promises we make to our customers. We accredit a major part of our success to the efforts our employees put in, as if it was not for their dedication to make us grow, we would have suffered a lot to achieve our milestones. Some of the features of our team are mentioned below, on the basis of which we are able to dominate and conquer in this industry:-
  • They work with harmony and maintain coordination.
  • The employees of our team are always open to training sessions.
  • They always achieve the targets prior to deadlines and request for more work.
A Mission

We are on a mission to become a company, which serves customers the most reliable quality pharmaceutical products at rates which are easy to afford. We strongly believe that it is the right of everyone to have access to best quality medicine for treating their health without worrying about the amount they have to afford.

Brands we Deal In

Below are the names by which our medicines are renowned in the markets:-
  • KCC CT
  • NASY
  • GLIVIN-1
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